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Values explored by the film

Love for the Family and Community (Pagmamahal sa Pamilya at Pamayanan),
Addressing Basic Needs (Pagtugon sa Pangunahing Pangangailangan),  Self-development or self-improvement (Paghubog ng Pagkatao/Sarili)
Life & Purpose, Happiness (Buhay at Tunguhin, at Kaligayahan),
Care for the Environment (Pangangalaga sa Kapaligiran)


IF YOU LEAVE ME, PLEASE LET ME KNOW  I  Patrick Pangan I  09:20 minutes  I  Drama, Animation, Experimental  I  2022

A young boy named Henry thoroughly looks at a giant felled tree in front of their house. The tree seems oddly mysterious to him as he finds connection to it. His curiosity of exploring the tree sparks even more when the bullies tease him that he is a son of a Kapre, a giant creature who lives in a tree. After class, he passes by a sari-sari store and asks an OLD WOMAN about the gossip in the place. The old woman instructs Henry to get calamansi and tries to pour it over a food and if it boils, he is an aswang. When he gets home, he discreetly pours the calamansi into the food that his mother serves. With a surprise in his face, he immediately runs to check the tree and suddenly, it comes back to life with a bunch of leaves. A silhouette of a Kapre appears beside the tree and thinks of his father. Ecstatically, he goes back to look for his old aswang children’s books. He stumbles upon a chant that would reveal a superficial element. He begins to sing the chant and wishes that the Kapre will show which makes him believe it is his father. Unfortunately, the sky is getting dark and nothing happens. His mother, CYNTHIA, is waiting for Henry in front of their house. Henry runs towards their house in tears. They hug each other and the rain begins to fall. 

Patrick Pangan is an independent Filipino filmmaker and current President of FEU Film Society, a premiere student film organization. He is a 4th year student taking up Bachelor of Arts in Communication - Digital Cinema at Far Eastern University. He usually works as director, cinematographer and editor in different short films which have joined local and international film festivals.

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