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MA,  I Miguel Legaspi I  15:00 mins  I  Drama I  2022

Pain, traumas, and unsaid feelings resurface as Andre, the son that was disowned by his own mother because of his sexuality is left to decide on her fate. Through a phone call, Andre tells his piece to his mother before letting her go. A vague, but rare response from their bedridden mother closes off the film leaving the audience to wonder what will happen next.

Values explored by the film

 Love for the Family and Community

 Health & Wellness

Self-development or self-improvement

Miguel Legaspi  is a filmmaker that focuses more on writing and directing films that tackle the stories of people's routined lives and struggles and try to make mundane and everyday moments special by finding beauty in them.


He has been part of multiple film festivals such as Viddsee Jury Awards, SineDisipulo, Realifilm, Sundayag Film Festival, and more recently Pelikulove's Shout Out Film Fest.


He studied film and graduated as a cum laude at MINT College and was mentored by industry greats such as Kristine Kintana, Cholo Laurel, Lilit Reyes, Rolando Inocencio, Popo Diaz, Jim Flores, Dix Buhay, Carla Baful, and Jade Castro and was further mentored by Ricky Lee at Cinemalaya Institute's Ricky Lee Intensive Scriptwriting Workshop for 2021.

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