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Values explored by the film


Attaining Education



Life & Purpose, Happiness

MGA HANDUM NGA NASULAT SA BARAS  I  Richard Jeroui Salvadico and Arlie Sweet Sumagaysay  I  10.00min  I  Drama I  2022

Makoy wakes up to an announcement about the new educational system outside-those parents who wouldn’t want to take the online classes must go to school and get the exam next week to determine if they are fit to teach their children.  So, Makoy, Kaloy and Buknoy with their expertise and in a span of 3 days they try their best to teach their parents what they needed to know for their exam.

Richard and Kat have started their filmmaking career in 2018 and have been joining various film festivals as they represent their region. They started joining in Cinekasimanwa:Westeern Visayas film Festival which has become a gateway for their success. One of the many recognitions and awards they have received is being a finalist in Cinemalaya in 2020 and in 2022 with their short films, Utwas and Mga Handum nga Nasulat sa Baras.

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